Switching to VoIP services can vastly benefit your company’s business phone system, but there’s no doubt about it that it can be somewhat confusing when you’re just getting started!

VoIP services are helping business leaders transition their business phone system to more modern technology

Countless business leaders are choosing to leave their landlines behind by upgrading to more advanced business phone systems like VoIP services and solutions, and all of us at Data Talk consider VoIP business phone systems to be the future of the industry.

One of the common issues we come across with our clients is that they make the correct investment decision in upgrading to a VoIP system, but then aren’t quite sure how to make the most of their new system once it has been installed and properly implemented!

So here are some tips to consider when it comes to smoothly transitioning into your new VoIP services:

Number Porting

All business leaders understand how their phone number is a significant part of their company’s overall identity, and one good thing about VoIP solutions is that you’re not going to need to change your business’ number. It’s rather easy for businesses to keep their existing phone number within these types of transitions through a process that’s called number porting.

What you’d need to do is just simply let the Data Talk specialists know that you’d like to port your business lines, and we’ll be sure to implement this transition as smoothly as possible. There are some instances in which number porting can take up to several days or even a week or so, which is why it’s always something we’ll discuss with our VoIP-transitioning clients in the beginning stages of the process.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to have to remain with their previous business phone system carrier until their number has been successfully ported, but once your number has been ported it’ll be more appropriate to close your previous account.

Auto-Attendant Setup

If your business doesn’t currently have a receptionist for office manager that’s handling all of your incoming calls, then it’ll be pretty crucial to properly establish and customize your auto-attendant settings. The auto-attendant feature is a great tool for businesses when it comes to managing and/or re-routing all of your different types of business calls.

Auto-attendant can also be effective when it comes to establishing all types of recordings, including holiday greetings, changes in operation hours, and all types of other announcements.

Customizing Your VoIP Services/Features

VoIP services are always going to be rather filled with useful features that can greatly assist your business’ overall efficiency and productivity. Some of these features beyond auto-attendant include things like voicemail to email, call forwarding, hold music, and so much more!

Find Me/Follow Me is also another really great VoIP feature that helps businesses make sure that they never miss a call by simultaneously re-routing business calls to a variety of different devices.

Quality of VoIP Services

Quality of service is always going to be a major factor to keep in mind while transitioning into your new VoIP business phone system, and this is because you’re always going to want to ensure that your calls are consistently of a very high quality.

Some of the quality considerations to keep in mind as your team is transitioning to VoIP services are latency, jitter and packet loss.

Training Employees

It’s inevitable that business leaders are going to have to focus on employee training as they transition into a new VoIP business phone system, so taking the time to conduct these training sessions is always an important step to take.

You should always make sure that all your employees have a full understanding in terms of utilizing the phones, testing certain features, and establishing their accounts. These days it’s also important to keep remote working and traveling employees in mind as well.

So your employees will also need to be trained thoroughly in terms of mobility features that will help them stay connected while working remotely.

Testing Your VoIP System

It’s generally recommended that you keep your old business phone system operating until you’ve adequately tested your new VoIP service with a variety of real world, work scenarios.

This means properly ensuring that your devices and features are working and properly connected, including certain remote devices and other less commonly used features. If you can catch any potential issues early on within your transition, it can always go a long way in terms of alleviating bigger issues later on!

Employee Feedback

It’s always important for business leaders to talk with their team while they’re going through a VoIP transition period, because they’ll be able to provide very valuable feedback.

Ask your employees if their expectations are being met, or if they need any more assistance in terms of training and learning how to properly navigate certain features.

The more you talk with your team, the more your team will be able to develop their skills within the VoIP system and increase their efficiency!

Analyze And Report

All of our VoIP services allow for businesses to closely monitor their call data, including things like quality, performance, traffic patterns and a lot more! These data reports can always go a long way when it comes to providing business leaders with the information they need to make improvements and certain changes that’ll perfect their VoIP transition.

Reach Out To The Experts At Data Talk For More Information About Transitioning Into VoIP Services!

Switching to a VoIP business phone system is definitely not the most complicated task that you and your professional team will experience together, but it does require thorough planning in order to establish a smooth transition.

So if you think your business is ready to upgrade your phone system to more modern, technological advancements, then the Data Talk team can help. Reach out to us online or call us at 614-784-7100 today to learn more about how our experts can help your business throughout the entirety of a VoIP upgrade!

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