Although the advent of modern technology has made social media, instant messaging, and emailing the norm for communication today, telephone calls continue to stay as relevant as ever. 

As opposed to other forms of social media communication that feel much more robotic or pose greater opportunities for miscommunication, telephone calling holds its own thanks to the fact that it holds an unrivaled sense of personalization. Thanks to the fact that phone calls can foster personal communication and heightened convenience remains unparalleled to this day, the demand and importance of phone systems are stronger than ever. After all, could it get any more personal than hearing someone else on the other end of the phone? 

Now, as easy as it may be to see exactly why phone calling and phone systems are still relevant and highly sought-after in today’s world, there’s one question that easily comes to mind: how much will it cost to install a phone system for a small business?

If you’ve dabbled into various forms of communication and have considered implementing a trustworthy phone system, then chances are that you’re probably pondered on how much a system might set you back. For even the smallest of businesses, however, it’s safe to assume that a standard phone system has a price tag that merits a significant investment, especially when you consider the fact that standard systems must be replaced every seven years. 

Breaking down the pricing components of a phone system for a small business

If your small business needs a phone system to keep all internal and external communications in order, then it’s safe to say that you’ll need to get familiar with the potential costs of an entire system. Generally speaking, the total cost of a phone system for any small business can be broken down into three key pricing factors, namely: 

1. The number of sites covered by the plan

One of the most important cost components in determining the total price of any phone system is the number of sites that are included within the plan itself. 

It is worth noting that the total price of your plan is set to increase as the sites that you include within the plan also increases, showing that there’s a direct relationship between the price and number of sites covered. For instance, if you have a business with one site and another with three to five sites all over an area, then the latter’s phone system costs will be higher than the former! 

2. The number of users included in the plan

Speaking of cardinalities, another vital factor to consider when estimating the total projected cost of your phone system is the number of users who each need individual phone lines. Before you consider giving every person in your company an individual phone line, it is probably going to be a better idea to assign one line for a certain component, department, or room to lower the costs. 

3. The phone model that you’ll be using

Similar to the type of phone line options that are available, the phone models themselves that come with your phone system can also come in different price points according to their specifications and features. Phone models, for the most part, can come at drastically different price points depending on what particular features your business and its employees need. This is why you need to do your research before choosing a generic or top-of-the-line model! 


With the help of a dependable phone system, taking care of your company’s in-house and external communication needs can never be easier, but determining the total cost is an entirely different story. By taking the three price factors mentioned in this list into consideration, you can keep your expectations and budgeting as realistic as possible until you get the actual final costing! 

If you want to know more about business phone system plans, get in touch with us today to find out more!

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