The success of your small business phone systems rely upon your understanding of your best solutions.

There are countless people and companies that have the general tendency of confusing both contact and call centers as the exact same thing, but knowing the distinct differences between a contact center and a call center can better help you in terms of having a more thorough understanding as to which solutions are best for your small business phone systems.

It’s true that there are some general functions and overall duties that overlap between both centers, but these are two very different settings that operate rather differently from one another. Some of the main differences lie within customer interaction, which subsequently changes the entire communication experience.

In this article we’re going to go over the main differences between contact and call centers, and if you have any further questions or concerns always feel free to reach out to us so we can put you in touch with one of our expert team members.

Call Centers

The main function of a call center traditionally relies upon a rather large telecommunications infrastructure that takes very high volumes of both outbound and inbound calls. Usually a call center will help a company in terms of managing their customer service, or handling client orders.

Many representatives working within a call center will also try to help their clients as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to help as many callers as they can within a given day. There will also many times be specialized representatives that handle a specific issue of calls in order to best support the unique concerns of each client.

When a company is oriented around sales and telemarketing, call centers can assist with large volumes of outbound calls.

Contact Centers

While contact centers do many times handle massive amounts of outbound and inbound phone call communications, they also primarily specialize with many different forms of digital channels. So one of the main differences between these two centers is that contact centers do much more than manage calls by utilizing cloud and web communication services with their clients via things like video chat, web chat, text and much more.

One of the many benefits of utilizing these digital communication channels is that they’re integrated, which means a client can easily switch amongst different digital communication methods in order to ultimately have their questions and needs adequately met. The best part about this type of integration is that all of these method changes can be implemented without any real interruption to the communication service.

Contact centers have inevitably become very popular in recent years as countless companies have learned that their best ways to communicate with their clients and customers is online. As more and more people look to communicate with businesses online, there will undoubtedly be a higher demand for effectively reaching customers via digital channels through contact center technologies.

Improving Customer Experience

It’s pretty easy to tell that contact centers have recently gained a lot of traction as a way to refine the general processes of how companies communicate with their clients. Digital communication via contact centers has in many ways automated the customer experience by giving people what they prefer: having their questions answered online as opposed to calling a company’s customer service.

All companies were essentially forced to adapt to this trend in online interaction, and contact centers have helped to seamlessly fill in these service gaps. The more predictive and personalized approach to contact center services has ultimately help yield a much better, universal customer satisfaction across countless industries.

Today customers can have more of a choice in terms of which method they’d like to utilize when getting in touch with professional teams, and contact centers utilize specific software that helps them track helpful interaction data through each representative. This is specifically useful with reoccurring customers, because the data can help suggest what a specific client may consider most useful.

Small Business Phone Systems from Data Talk

Data Talk Telecom can assist you in terms of all your telecommunications needs, including services like installing a new VoIP system or streamlining your existing business phone system. We’ve received customer satisfaction praise from countless clients throughout our past 50+ years of existence, and we have no intention in altering this trend any time soon!

Our products and overall expertise is what helps set us apart from the rest of the industry, and we’d be more than happy to help bring your data and phone service efficiency to new heights.

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