FPL Financial Strategies came to DataTalk after evaluating many phone system alternatives. Our business had grown; we were moving our office and changing data / phone connection providers. We had used a Cisco phone system and data network that was shared with a business affiliate. This was FPL’s first stand alone phone system. I had last purchased a phone system in 1992 when starting another business. Systems have changed since then both in how phone service is provided and that data networks are actually available for small business. The key factors in making the decision came on several fronts including ongoing long term system costs but the priority was that our phone and data networks have to work or we are out of business on two fronts.

DataTalk has been an icon in central Ohio phone system providers and has numerous substantial clients. This factor gave us some certainty that they would be here to service the system they installed. We also toured their facility and met with the service technicians as well as the sales staff. The staff at DataTalk was able to explain the system features in a way we could comprehend as well solve our needs of incorporating several complex data issues. We chose a Cisco 540 VOIP system to provide both telephone and data connectivity to our desktops as well as an interface to our home office. The VOIP interface simplified wiring in the existing structure and provides more options for upgrades than conventional digital systems. This system has the flexibility for growth as well as some of the robust features available in the high level Cisco systems. It was a good match for our current needs as well as for the foreseeable future.

The real test for DataTalk came as the installation of the system was pushed up from a three week window to a ten day race. This was due to the phone / data service provider giving an expected date and then scheduling one well ahead of that. The team at DataTalk was able to coordinate with the service provider, our real estate move schedule and our home office data provider. DataTalk ordered the system configured it in their facility, added necessary wiring in our new space and coordinated with our computer technology vendor during that 10 day time period. On move day, the conversion from a different service provider, migration of the phone numbers and getting us up and running was accomplished in one afternoon. We didn’t miss a beat and had access to our data as well as phone service. This ease of conversion was a big relief for all of our partners and associates. It was one of the things the staff at DataTalk had promised all along while rose to the occasion with the accelerated move.

The follow up service with DataTalk has been good to get some of the details associated with our new location incorporated into our phone and data system. If we had to make the decision again, we would make the same choice as we are satisfied with the solution that will be a part of our business for some time to come into the future.

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