In this digitally-oriented world where e-mails, instant messaging, and automated attendants are dominating the business landscape, a telephone system remains a crucial aspect of a company’s communication strategies. This is especially true for call centers that need a cost-effective solution to enhance their phone connectivity.

In a saturated market where customers demand quality service, upgrading your telephone system can provide a unique advantage over your competitors as direct calls can answer inquiries better than any e-mail or FAQ correspondence.  

With that in mind, integrating a private branch exchange (PBX) phone system can offer all that and more. Some of the benefits of using a PBX system includes the following: 

The Benefits of Integrating a PBX Phone System to Your Business

Benefit #1: Establish Internal Communications 

While it may not be obvious, any calls you make within the office are routed through your local phone company’s exchange. This means the process of calling one of your staff members can incur a charging fee, which makes the use of a PBX phone system better as it can connect you to your calls internally. 

The benefit of linking your telephone system under one private telephone exchange is that it can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially when your business starts to scale up, and the complexity of your phone lines begin to grow financially. 

As mentioned above, this is especially handy for call centers that need smooth-flowing customer interaction over a large-scale phone line. 

Benefit #2: Internet Integration 

Another perk of integrating an advanced PBX system to your business is that it can connect to the internet, which means your calls can pass through a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Technically, this means your company can cut back on phone bills as it relies on the internet router to connect each VoIP phone the same way it links with your company’s computers. 

Benefit #3: Seamless Call Routing 

A PBX phone system goes beyond a conventional phone line as it offers plenty of features, one of which is a program that can forward incoming calls to other phones in case no one is at the desk to answer it. 

This technology uses a series of backup routing, which transfers an incoming call to another member of the sales team in times where a manager momentarily leaves their workstation. By ensuring that no customer is left unanswered or into voicemail, you can establish a seamless call routing that promotes quality customer service. 

In Conclusion: A PBX System Can Provide Competitive Advantage to Small Businesses by Providing Advanced Calling Features 

By definition, a PBX phone system is designed to help manage calls and create a seamless experience using an automated professional attendant. The system helps transfer calls to the correct department and handle a high volume of calls without the need for extra resources, making it an inexpensive yet highly efficient solution to telecommunication. 

If you are looking for advanced VoIP phone systems and call center solutions in Columbus, get in touch with us today and see how we can help you!

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