A traditional PBX phone system may hold your business back from future growth!

Traditional PBX (private branch exchange) systems aren’t typically mobile-friendly, and in recent years these systems have been considered to be expensive, difficult to manage and rather frustrating for employee usage. These traditional systems involve server hardware, desk phones, wires and cooperative desktop software; and even though VoIP/Cloud PBX has simplified a lot of these business phone system problems there is still many more benefits associated with a mobile-first PBX phone system.

What if your PBX condensed all your critical communication requirements within a simplified and condensed low-cost app, which was then adequately deployed to your team’s business or personal mobile devices? This essentially is a win-win business phone solution, because employees are allowed more freedom and security while utilizing mobile devices and your necessary data is cohesively organized.

It’s important for many business entities to take the next step up with a mobile-first PBX phone system, and here are 10 strategies from the Data Talk experts in terms of how you can increase your company’s profits by embracing mobility within your communication requirements!

Boosting Your Revenue From Sales

Every business is unique in terms of how they create value, so by experimenting with these strategies your team will be able to better understand which methods will have the most impact in terms of assisting your bottom line.

Consider the following strategies in terms of boosting your revenue via sales:

  • Increasing staff productivity: Several studies have provided evidence indicating how the planned and organized usage of mobile devices can actually increase a professional team’s overall productivity. Automation can help increase the amount of time your sales team dedicates towards selling, which will undoubtedly put your bottom line in an upwards trajectory!
  • Developing uniquely different product lines: Once you’ve implemented an improved your business phone system, you’ll want your team developing existing clientele relationships by discussing new services and products you think they’d appreciate knowing about. You’ll be surprised by just how much your existing customers will like to talk to you, and how willing they’ll be to spend more when they receive a better buying experience.
  • Discover new clients: Utilizing all types of engagement strategies can be very beneficial when it comes to discovering new customers and further developing existing client relationships.
  • Discover new markets: Recent developments in global supply chain technology and communication efforts have made it easier than ever for even small businesses to begin developing international clientele. A mobile-friendly PBX phone system is a great tool when it comes to quickly adding international numbers, and making it easier for people to reach you from all throughout the globe!
  • Develop your customer service: When your business focuses more on improving your customer service, you can help put your potential competitors aside. All your customers will inevitably pick up the phone when they need complex questions or requests answered, so ensuring the mobility of your PBX system will subsequently ensure your team’s response time.
  • Increasing your prices: There’s no denying how every type of customer is increasingly demanding better experiences while purchasing products/services, and it’s evident that consumers are also willing to spend more when businesses do meet their lofty expectations. Your company’s communication efforts should always help your team be more flexible and responsive towards client inquiries, because this will make you more valuable and allow you to increase your prices.
  • Discounting your prices: It’s important that you don’t get your clients too used to discounts, so handling them carefully is always recommended. Nevertheless, smart discount offers provided at the right time can always go a long way in terms of increasing sales.

Cutting Expenses Via More Streamlined Operations

Consider the following profit-increasing strategies that pertain to cutting your expenses:

  • Decreasing your inventory: A mobile-friendly PBX system will allow you to more adequately monitor your inventory levels, and it’s a developing business trend for entrepreneurs and leaders to be keeping an eye on their operations via mobile device apps.
  • Decreasing costs both directly and indirectly: When it comes to the future of your business phone solutions, you should always be asking crucial questions in terms of what more your team could be doing. Like we mentioned earlier, productivity can increase when you allow your team to use their personal phones!
  • Decreasing overhead costs: Mobile-friendly PBX systems can ultimately help your company save a ton as compared to traditional systems!

Reach Out To The Experts At Data Talk For More Information About How A Mobile-First PBX Phone System Can Support Your Business Initiatives!

Data Talk has always remained on the cutting edge of the business phone system industry throughout our 50+ years of existence, and we understand how important it is for all companies to embrace a mobile-first PBX phone system going into the future.

Our team of experts is always here to support you, so feel free to contact us online or call us at 614-784-7100 today to speak with one of our representatives!

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